Shake Self-Doubt, Find Confidence In Yourself And Your Relationships

I help people learn to trust their own judgment without telling them what they “should” do or assuming I know what’s best for them.

My clients struggle like you do. Despite being compassionate, thoughtful, and capable, life is hard.

When they first come in, they feel unfulfilled, like they’re missing out or behind in life. Most days they’re on autopilot, going through the motions, while stress and anxiety build up. They’re overwhelmed.

They’re tired of overthinking and doubting themselves. Stuck in toxic romantic relationships, unhealthy family patterns, or are struggling to connect, doubting they’ll ever find a healthy relationship.

They go above and beyond for others but don’t get the same in return, in fact, it’s pretty hard to ask for or receive help.

Their self-criticism and doubt get in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They aren’t the kind of person they want to be. They feel like they’re failing. And their confidence in their ability to ever feel satisfied is dwindling.

Before they came to see me, they were convinced that their stress wasn’t worth talking about. They worried they were exaggerating their struggles, that it wasn’t “bad enough” for therapy. Some days they were pretty certain they could continue on with the way things were. But the disconnection (from themselves & others) was eating them alive.

Like my clients, you deserve more from your relationships (especially the one with yourself!). Creating great relationships is not out of your reach. If you want to figure out what you want so you can move forward confidently and find joy, I’d love to help you get there.

Reach out now. You don’t have to suffer. I can help.

Kim O'Brien, LMHC

You’ve probably spent tons of time Googling, sifting through countless profiles and websites. Made phone calls. Left voicemails. Sent emails. The process can be enough to make you want to quit. But finding the right therapist is so important. My goal is to give you all the information you need so you can quickly decide if I might be a good fit for you. Then you’ll know if you should schedule a phone consultation or blast your favorite tunes, get motivated, and search on. Click the link below for more information!

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