About Kim O’Brien


                                                                               I’m Kim,

a therapist who works to empower individuals to overcome experiences of disconnect, rejection, and stuck-ness. Making space for them to become the people they want to be. I work best with people who are motivated for change but are unsure how to start their journey. Coupled with feeling stuck, in one-sided or unsatisfying relationships, a pattern that seems to repeat itself. I am also passionate about working with LGBTQ+ individuals and their families. As a queer person, I understand the unique challenges of this community and the difficulty of finding a qualified therapist.


My Approach

Self-expression and self-identification are two of my professional and personal values. In other words, people should have the ability to decide how they define who they are. I believe having the freedom to explore this without judgment or expectations is invaluable. So it’s important to me to provide identity-affirming therapy for the individuals I work with. In the same respect, I consider boxes to be incredibly unhelpful and am adamant that people should not be limited by them. I understand that boxes exist for a variety of reasons (sometimes even useful ones!). However, it’s important to consider who fits into the boxes, who doesn’t, and how their experiences differ. Because equally important is the need to feel seen, heard, and represented.

Therapy is not “one size fits all,” it’s a unique and collaborative experience. I believe the best way to understand someone is to view them as a whole person. This means seeing them within the context of their relationships and experiences. And for many people, the same relationship, behavior, and thought patterns seem to happen over and over. These are often learned patterns and/or ones that served a purpose at one point but are no longer helpful. Together, we will identify these unhelpful patterns, explore how they came to be, and develop tools to create new ones. Through this process, clients have expressed gaining a better understanding of themselves and their experiences while feeling more confident in their own abilities.

It would be my privilege to support you in your unique journey to become who you want to be, by embracing who you are!

My Background

As a counselor, the majority of my experience is in community mental health, providing support for individuals and families. I received my Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Massachusetts, Boston. I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC, #10979) in the state of Massachusetts.

As an undergraduate, I conducted neuropsychological research in collaboration with Bridgewater State University and Boston University. After graduation, I worked as a clinical research assistant in the Neuropsychology Department at Rhode Island Hospital in collaboration with Brown University. But ultimately, I decided to work toward a career in counseling. I wanted to be able to connect with people in more authentic, meaningful, and collaborative ways.  However, I didn’t stop working on research completely. During graduate school and for some time after, I continued to collaborate on research through the University of Massachusetts, Boston.


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